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Learn al Islam offers O’Level subjects such as Islamiyat, Urdu and Pakistan Studies. Get access to one of the best O’level islamiyat notes that will get you a world distinction.


O’level notes have been written after a great deal of research. Carefully written notes will definitely help students to achieve A and A* grades in CAIE.


At Learn al Islam we ensure that every student is able to get quality and affordable education.


CAIE trained teacher, with teaching experience of more than 18 years in well reputed Cambridge schools.

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Learn Al Islam is committed to provide equal opportunities for the students all over the globe. It makes sure that the students get feasible and affordable online tuition from the comfort of their homes.

O’level Islamiyat notes cover each and every topic of CAIE syllabus. Every topic contains significant points from CAIE marking schemes and examiner reports. Every year notes are updated to meet the needs and demands of students.


Fully Interactive Classes

Our teachers are trained to be as interactive as possible and encourage students to ask questions during the session. This ensures that the classes are fun and lively.

Personal Attention

One-on-one and group classes with individual attention to each student from the teachers to help you solve your queries.

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We want our students to have the opportunity to learn independently and at their own pace by giving them the benefit of flexible schedule and cooperative teachers.

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“Your O'level Islamiyat notes were absolutely fantastic covering all major topics so comprehensively and coherently and thus paved the way for my incredible achievement. I greatly admire your prolific lectures and your complete, logical understanding of Islamiyat. I remember that day when you told me that I could achieve a distinction and I laughed as if you were joking but I have been granted this miraculous achievement by Almighty ALLAH. 
Talha Waqar Khwaja (World Distinction Holder)
Masha' Allah Mr. Gul's O'level Islamiyat notes have greatly benefitted my brother and me in a multitude ways. Above all, they helped us prepare for a syllabus that normal students study over a span of 2 years, in two months, since we are both home educated. Much appreciated and May Allah reward you amply! Ameen.”

Abdullah & Muhammad Ansari
You have been a teacher who saw my today, but managed to make me see my tomorrow as well. I owe so much to you dear sir B G.”
Syed Hammad Mukhtar
Sir Bashir Gul, Your kindness and inspiring way of teaching has brought great influence in me. You made me to believe in me.”
Tehreen Rizvi
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