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Hadith 1

“Religion is sincerity” we said “to whom?” the prophet said “to Allah, His book, His messengers, the leaders of the Muslims and their common people.” 

Teachings about what Muslims believe

  • This Hadith emphasizes upon the significance of sincerity in doing acts of goodness. Virtue lacking sincerity holds no importance in the eyes of Allah. This Hadith provides a concise but an accurate expression of the characteristics of a sound believer.

  • The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) by this Hadith, teaches us to follow the faith of Islam fully and with dedication. He tells us that we must be sincere in the teachings we believe in and in the things we do. We must live our lives as obedient Muslims to Allah and good members of the community. We should believe and act according to the discipline of Islam.

  • We should not create disturbance in the community but be loyal to its members and leaders. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) says, “Who so obeys my commander, obeys me and who so disobeys the commander disobeys me” (Al-Muslim).

How Muslims can put these teachings into action?

  • This Hadith highlights the importance of belief in the articles of faith. Muslims should be sincere in all they do. They should not pretend but follow the teachings of Islam sincerely from within.

  •  Sincerity to Allah means that it must be admitted beyond any shadow of doubt that the Sole Creator, Sustainer, Cherisher of this immensely vast universe is no one but Allah, who alone is the Sovereign Lord, without any partners to share His Attributes and Powers.

  • Muslims should obey Allah by following his religion and attributing to Him what he deserves. The affirmation of his truth covers all obligations and duties that fall upon the shoulder of a man after submitting his will to the will of Allah.

  •  Sincerity to the book means to believe in the Quran. It is complete code of life and unchanged. This book is for all mankind for all times. Muslims must abide by the Quran and recite it with concentration. Muslims must recite the Quran, think over it, teach others and mould their lives according to its teachings.

  • Sincerity to the prophet means that the Muslims must believe in Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last prophet of Allah. They must love and respect him and follow his Sunnah. The Quran says, “Obey Allah and obey messengers”. (64:10)

  • For leaders and rulers it implies that they should be respected and obeyed and given full support in all affairs which they conduct according to the teachings of Islam and do not deviate from the right path in their individual and public conduct which could lead to chaos and anarchy.

  •  As the message of Islam is for all of mankind for all times to come, the last but not the least segment of faith is that every possible step should be taken to make the life of common people comfortable, dignified and respectable without regard to color, ethnicity, gender or another such discriminating forces.

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