O level Islamiat Notes

O'Level Islamiyat 2058 Notes

            Salient Features of O’level Islamiyat 2058 Notes

    1.  Notes cover each and very topic of CIE syllabus
    2. Every topic contains significant points from CIE marking schemes and examiner reports
    3. Notes have been written after a great deal of research and only includes material from most authentic sources
    4. Topics (not included in the text book) such as Miraj, modesty, position of women and business dealings etc. are written in detail as per requirement of CIE.
    5. Special care has been taken to avoid irrelevant and misleading details that affect time management in the examination
    6. Every topic contains Topical Marking Schemes and Past papers since 2004………
    7. Relevant supporting quotations and references are clearly mentioned
    8. Tips and tricks of examination are also attached with notes
    9. Carefully written notes will definitely help students to achieve A and A* grades in CIE.
    10. One of my student who had studied my notes thoroughly got First Position in CIE.
    11. There is no need to purchase any reference book, solved or unsolved past papers and marking schemes since each and every thing is included in these notes.
    1. Every year notes are updated to meet the needs and demands of students
    2. After teaching for 14 years in well reputed Cambridge schools I have compiled these Islamiyat notes that ensure brilliant success in O Level Examination
    1. Free on line support is also provided students to solve any problems
    2. Notes will be of great help for students of class 9 /Prep III to get highest scores in school exams.
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Topical Marking Schemes 2009-18  O’Level Islamiyat 2058 (UPDATED)Click here


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