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O'level Pakistan Studies Notes | History | 4-mark Questions

Q1- Who was Khalifa/What was Khilafat?

Ans. Khalifa/khilafat is a word of Arabic. Khalifa means to follow, so the first successor to the Holy Prophet ( peace be upon him) was Abu Bakr (RA) who came to know as Khailifa and his empire as a Khilafat. The Umayad Dynasty then continued the khilafat. Muslims had a high regard of Khalifa and they considered it as leader of Muslims of whole world. When the khilafat and khalifa were under threat from British, the Muslims of the subcontinent began the Khilafat Movement.

Q2- What was Satayagra?
Ans. It is a word of Hindi and it means truth-force. It was a non-cooperation movement started by Gandhi. It was a form of non-violent protest against British. It later became violent protest. Jinnah and Muslims did not join it.

Q3- Describe Khilafat Conference 1?
Ans. It was called in Delhi in 1919. Maulana Shaukat Ali and Muhammad Ali were leading figures. Gandhi was also present as non-official member of congress. A resolution was passed that a delegation would be sent to British to stop them demolishing Khilafat.

Q4- Describe Khilafat Conference 2?
Ans. It was held in Amritsar in December 1919. Congress and Muslim league were present in in. Muhammad Ali had returned from the Britain where he was failed to stop the British to dismember the caliphate. It was unsuccessful.

Q5- Describe Khilafat Conference 3?
Ans. It was held in July 1921. It was the last Khilafat Conference. It passed a number of resolution against the British which offended them. As a result the Ali brothers were arrested.

Q6- What was Govt. of India Act 1935?
Ans. It was the last constitution of British India and the first constitution of both India and Pakistan. In this diarchy was dropped at provincial level and introduced at central level. The number of province s were increased to 11 by making NWF, Orissa and Sindh. Now 25 percent of Indian population could vote.

Q7- Who were Ali Brothers?
Ans. i- Maulana Shaukat Ali was an Indian Muslim Nationalist and the leader of Khilafat Movement. In his early career he was member of Congress. He was brother of Muhammad Ali Jauhar and helped his brother to publish weekly Hamdard and weekly Comrade. Due to seditious material he and his brother were imprisoned. He was once again jailed for his support to Gandhi’s non cooperation movement. Later he joined Muslim League.

ii- Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was an Indian Muslim leader, poet and journalist. He became president of khilafat Conference in 1918. He was the leaders of delegation which was sent to England to persuade British to not to punish Turkey. In his early carrier he was member of Congress. He started to publish weekly Hamdard and weekly Comrade. Due to seditious material he and his brother were imprisoned. Later he joined Muslim League.



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